Pbro. Licdo. Manuel Gerónimo Sifontes Moreno

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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Pbro. Lic. Manuel Gerónimo Sifontes Moreno


He was born in Caicara de Maturín, Monagas State, Venezuela on June 4, 1982

E-mail: padregeronimo@gmail.com

Ordained Priest of the Diocese of Maturín on April 24, 2010 by laying on of hands and consecratory prayer of Mons. Enrique Pérez Lavado, bishop diocesan.


Primary and Secondary: in Caicara de Maturín (up to 4th year of high school).

Diversified: U.E “Father Claret” Maturín, (5th year of baccalaureate), obtained title: Bachelor of Science. 1999

Pre-degree: Major Seminary “San Pablo Apóstol”, Maturín. Obtained title: Bacalaureatus of Philosophy and Theology, from 2000 to 2008

Diploma in Spiritual Theology from the Andrés Bello Catholic University and ITER, year 2013.

Superior University Technician in Commercial Education, at the University Institute Pedagogical Mons. Arias. (IUPMA) Extension Caripe year. 2015

Degree in Philosophy from the Catholic University “Santa Rosa de Lima” Headquarters District Capital. Year 2016

Degree in Theology from the University “Santa Rosa de Lima” Capital District Headquarters. Year 2016

Named Illustrious Son of Caicara de Maturín by decision of the Municipal Chamber of Councilors and Mayor Pedro Emilio Briceño on April 25, 2010.

Currently studying a Masters in Bioethics online by the Universidad Anáhuac de Mexico from January 2017 to the present.


Participant in the V Philosophical Reflection Conference, organized by the Diocese of Maturín, The Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University and the Major Seminary “San Paul Apostle “Entitled:” The ethical and moral problem of the embryonic statutes and the multifocal impacts in the study of the human genome “, duration 8 hours. During the days 26 and 27-01 of 2001

Organizer and participant of the Research Seminar: “The question of complexity and the significance in education, from the context of the transdiciplinary, what philosophical and its impact on the new vision of educated man “. Duration of 8 hours. April of 2004.

Organizer and participant of the VI Conference of Annual Studies on: “The question Philosophical as reflection in the theorization and practice of education and pedagogy in Venezuela and its Latin American vision “. Duration 8 hours. June 2005

Organizer and participant of the X Day of Philosophical Educational Studies: “Philosophical Thinking of the Classical Educational Paradigms and their challenges in terms of Teaching in Venezuela today “Duration 8 hours. June 2007.

Participation as Speaker in the “Conference of Induction and University Awareness” Held at the IUT Cumaná Ext. Punta de Mata. January 2009

Organizer and participant of the Conference Cycle on: Tension between Church and State in the process of the Independence of Venezuela? Year Bicentennial Duration 6 hours. July 2011

Participant in the Training Workshops of the National Plan of “Fe y Alegría”: Somos People and Citizens Duration 38 hours. From April 2012 to April 2013.

Participant of the Teacher Training Workshop: “Functional Diversity and Strategies of Attention to Diversity in the Classroom “Duration 12 hours. October 2013

Participant of the Workshop for Agents of Pastoral: “Pastoral of the Health: a challenge” Dictated by the UCAB and AVESSOC. Duration 8 hours. January 2015


Specialist Professor of Religious Education at the U.E. Private “Los Chipilines “from Punta de Mata. Period 2001-2002

Specialist Professor of Education for Work and Universal History at the U.E. Private “Los Chipilines” of Punta de Mata. Period 2001-2002

Specialist Professor of Religious Education at the U.E Private “Ntra. Mrs. Of Lourdes “From Punta de Mata. Period 2001-2002

Specialist Professor of Urbanity and Protocol at the U.E Privada “Ntra. Mrs. Of Lourdes “From Punta de Mata. Period 2001-2002.

President of the National Committee of Seminarians and Religious Formers of Venezuela (COSEFORVEN). Period 2004-2006 President and Organizer of the IX National Meeting of Seminarians and Fordeals Religious of Venezuela in the City of Maturín. August 2006

Missionary Delegate of the Diocese of Maturín for the III American Congress Missionary and IX Latin American Congress in the City of Quito Ecuador, July 2007 Specialist Professor of HISTORY OF THE ANCIENT, MEDIA, PHILOSOPHY MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY, at the “San Pablo Apóstol” Major Seminary of Maturín from the year 2011-2013

Specialist Professor of the Seminar of Philosophical Research, in the “San Pablo Apóstol” Major Seminary of Maturín, from 2011-2013

Vicar of the Quasi-Parish “Immaculate Conception” of Tuscany. Edo. Monagas. Period 2006-2007

Vicar of the Parish “Santísima Trinidad and Virgen del Valle” of Punta de Mata. Edo Monagas. Period 2008-2010

Parish Administrator of the Parish “Ntra. Mrs. De Coromoto de Jusepín. Edo Monagas. Period September 2010 to April 2016

School Counselor in the U.E. “Anatilde Salcedo” of Fe y Alegría de Jusepín. Since January 2012 to April 2016

Diocesan Advisor of the Social Pastoral-Caritas of the Diocese of Maturín. Period November 2011- to the present.

Collaborating Speaker of the Court of Violence against Women of the Judicial Circuit Criminal of the Monagas State. From January 2014 to the present.

Advisor to the Pro-Life Department of the Diocese of Maturín. Since March 2014 to the present

Member and consultant of the National Network Pro Vida Venezuela since November 2015 to the present.

Professor of the Latin American Philosophy Chair of the Major Seminary “San Pablo Apostle “period April 2016 to the present.

Honorary Member of the ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CLUB from June 2016 until the news Parish priest of Santo Domingo de Guzmán de las Cocuizas in Maturín Venezuela, from April 10, 2016 to the present.

Professor of the Chair of Cultural Anthropology of the Major Seminary “San Pablo Apostle “from September 2017 to the present.

Lecturer of Issues Provida in the Diocese of Maturín-Venezuela: Principles Fundamentals of Bioethics, Gender Ideology, Axiological and Educational Challenges of the Culture of Death among others, to more than 2500 people. From January 2017 until the present.

Lecturer of Themes of the Social Doctrine of the Church in the Diocese of MaturínVenezuela. From November 2014 to the present.

Director of the Caritas Maturín Viveros program, for the recovery of children Venezuelan victims of malnutrition, from February 2017 to the present.

Columnist of a written press called El Periódico de Monagas in Venezuela, titled A STEP TO THE FRONT, with themes of Social Doctrine of the Church and Themes Provida since February 2018 to the present.

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