The mission of this Encuentro is to offer pastoral tools on issues in favor of human life to Priests and Seminarians from the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. Conferences will be open to religious orders and deacons as well. For the laity, we will hold a one-day conference on Saturday, November 10 in the same facilities.It is a great opportunity for subsidiarity and collaboration between the Diocese of Phoenix and Human Life International and will help to strengthen the Culture of Life in the United States and other countries. It also will provide the space for sharing resources and tools to defend the sanctity of all human life.

Objectives of Redessvida

As a Project of Human Life International (HLI) and its Hispanic section of the International Human Life (VHI), REDESSVIDA’s main objectives are: Promote the Gospel and the Culture of Life, among diocesan priests and most seminarians in Latin America. To promote, establish and strengthen a local, national and international network among local ecclesiastical hierarchies, organizations that defend life and institutions of priestly formation throughout the region.

REDESSVIDA will provide:

Information and formation open to priests and seminarians, on all aspects that concern the defense of human life, from the moment of conception until their natural death and on the defense of the family as they are presented to us by Christian revelation and tradition of the Catholic Church.

At the pastoral level, the consideration of the elements of judgment and action on the reality of the defense of human life and the family in Latin America. This means that priests and future parish priests can count on pastoral tools that allow them to reach their faithful with solid and convincing arguments. Beginning with a shared vision of human sexuality according to the Revelation and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, continuing with the natural planning of the family and the denunciation of the diabolical triad of contraception, abortion and immoral sexual “education”, the consequences of abortion and its prevention, the traumatic situation of people who have experienced abortion (SPA, post-abortion syndrome), and also the priestly spirituality that implies establishing the Culture of Life in our world.

Access to volunteers and to the affiliated organizations of VHI in the different countries of Latin America with all the educational and action tools that the organization promotes in defense of life and especially:

1) virtual courses on sexual education according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, available on the VHI website (www.vidahumana.oeg) or at other Catholic institutions of study and training in the Spanish-speaking area.

2) The Latin American Network of Women’s Aid Centers ( and its affiliates in Latin America that offer help to pregnant women who are in difficult circumstances.

3) Courses to promote the natural family planning of the family.

4) Places where you can welcome all women who reject abortion and want to accept life as a gift from God.

5) Spiritual experiences of retreats and processes that seek the inner healing of all the people who have suffered due to an abortion.

6) Spaces of spirituality to strengthen the pastoral commitment of priests for Life. With the help of prayer and the sacrifice of religious of contemplative life by this NETWORK.